Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday 29th March 2010

Well.... two days of college left before easter holidays.... I've now managed to finish writing the backing to my song "Broken Child", with the help of Pete. It was fine until putting it all together - it was all out of time, so have had to cut out the vocals completely and put all the backing instruments into a set time and tempo and make it all fit together and sound good rather than the scrambled mess it was before. Having completed this, i am now looking at what i can add to it, what needs changing, followed by focussing on recording my lyrics.
In terms of the showcase, i have a few ideas as to what i can propose, yet am not too sure whether i can pull it off in time. I have a few songs that i can perform, such as: Coming Home (I may/may not be singing lead vocals, that's to be decided today), can possibly do City Falls (that needs to be sorted between all involved in that song, and needs sorting out to make sure that the harmonies work well with everything else - this was one of the problems we had at the christmas gig, the harmonies clashed with the keyboard) I have this song that I'm looking to finish, "Broken Child", which at the moment is looking promising - only am not entirely sure how that's going to work being performed live. Am looking to write more lyric this easter which i can then write backing tracks to straight after easter when we return. Am not entirely sure if these will be pulled off in time so have my fingers crossed.
Am also hoping that once finished off today - or at least fully recorded - whether it's a draft or the entirely finished product - i'm looking to post it on my blog and hopefully get some feedback on it good or bad. This may take a while though, i still have to work out how to upload music on my blog....

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