Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday 18th June 2010

well, been a few days since the last post. It's the second to last week of this year of college (for me at least) all work practically finished. Will have some more set by Simon on Monday to complete/start over the summer holiday and i now have some inspiration for the next half of the course next year. Had a huge chat with Simon today about everything and a moan about how the year has been seriously disappointing for some of us. Hopefully next year all will be sorted properly and i will achieve the goals i aim for. I'm actually really positive that as long as i push hard enough, i can get the work experience i need, and i can sort out everything i need to. i think next year i will sort out what i need and not rely much on the college at all, every time i've relied upon the college to provide certain things and to do certain tasks, things never get completed. Next year has to change :) positive thoughts flying.... all achievable.... now for success :D

Monday, 7 June 2010

Monday 13th June 2010

so far, since my last post there has been very little to do other than assignments. the showcase didn't go ahead in the end and we are now on the final stretch of assignments for the remainder of the college year. In the form of gigs, there have been a few still at the blue cargo and now the little coffee shop down the road - the coffee republic. These are mainly taken by the bands because they have the most material, for the rest of us are focussing on getting the assignments in on time etc. I have almost completed my single now - containing 3 tracks. This, along with the midi keyboard assignment, are the last assignments needed completed before the end of the course. These need to be completed by the end of this week and then we just go back over all our work and aim to boost the marks up to distinction on those attaining merits and passes.