Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday 20th May 2011

Here is the link to soundcloud where i have my recorded rehearsal. It is under the title of Lotte Rehearsal.

Monday, 16 May 2011

16th May 2011

Well it has been just over a month since my last post for which i appologise. This month has been hectic with things to do and complete. My final major project is almost finished and the final gig has been performed. To start with I had a rough idea of the set list i wanted to do. I chose the songs depending on whether they would suit my voice or not. My choice of songs i was planning to perform were; Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy, Memory - Barbra Streisand, Wild Horses - Susan Boyle, Rolling in the deep - Adele, and Homeward Bound (the classical song not Simon and Garfunkel song). It wasn't until we got into the rehearsal room that Digby mentioned having learnt part of Somewhere over the Rainbow and would we like to try that one since it would suit my voice. I happened to know the song really well and Glyn was happy to work out something that would work well on the guitar in the background behind the melody to support the keyboard. This song then replaced four of the song choices we'd picked out to start with which were memory, wild horses, homeward bound and rolling in the deep. In the end the two song choices we went with were field's of gold and somewhere over the rainbow which worked well. The number of rehearsals i did with the two musicians who helped me (Glyn Read and Richard Digby-Smith) were few but each of us rehearsed in our own time on our own frequently, learning our own parts before putting it all together. The first proper rehearsal we did was on the friday before the gig (Friday 6th May) this went really well and we all worked well together, finding little tunes to wind around the melody of the songs. Each rehearsal we did following the first one gave new ideas and something new to try before settling on a really pretty melody to acoompany the song. This was what we did for the song Somewhere over the rainbow. For Field's of Gold we stuck to Eva Cassidy's rendition with just the addition of the keyboard playing it's own little backing tune to support the vocals and guitar melody. All in all this worked out really very well. I think the reason the practices when we were all together went so well was because we all knew our own parts really well before hand so when it came to putting the songs together we were able to play together and compromise finding new parts to add and know what sounded well together and what didn't. The sound clips of our practices i will place on sound cloud later on in the week when i can get my hands on the recordings at the mill.
I think in our practices we did a really good job of tightening both the songs to a professional standard and both the songs i have started to record fully so i can upload them onto youtube and i can place them both on a CD with a few others of my choice to use as a demo CD.