Tuesday, 22 December 2009

last days of term

ok, so monday was preparation for the gig in the evening - we rehearsed all the songs we were going to be performing and had quite a few fallings out between people - most people being stressed out - but we had a good run through before the evening performance. The performance on monday evening went really well - everybody got into it and had a great time along with playing a really good performance - not to mention we had a good croud :) considering all the problems we had and late notices we had a good audience and good performance well done guys :)
Tuesday, not many people turned up at college - there was only a handful of us so rehearsals were pretty sketchy will little we could all do together and come up with, and then matt's lesson that afternoon seemed pretty empty - but the assignment was fun - with all of becky and larry's animations and dirty minds :D there was also another small gig in totnes that evening which was a disaster but interesting - not everybody turned up who was meant to turn up - so there was an odd group of us having to persevere on the stage and have a go at whatever we could and just make a mash of it all - however from the audience's point of view it wasn't particularly a good performance - it would have been a lot better had there been better and more committment from the guys who were supost to turn up!!!
then on friday, we all gathered together - every body was in so it made it all slightly easier - and talked about tuesday's performance and how crap it was, and the overall decision was to pick at least 5 songs that everybody can learn and be able to play no matter who turned up/didn't turn up to a gig - so we can persevere and be able to give a good performance no matter the people we have available.
Let's just hope that next term/year we will be able to do a better job..... :)

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Friday!!!! Started off in the Studio recording a couple of Fran's tracks - i was assistant engineer/engineer - not sure which, Becky was the other, though i was doing most of the work, but Fran's tracks sound really good, and i love Lander's lyrics - they're really dirty but brilliant lol and while he was recording, Fran, Fran's friend Jenna, Becky and i came up with the idea of adding harmonies which, when Jenna and i recorded the harmonies it lifted the music and sounded really fab - so can't wait for Fran to put it all together it will sound really really great - well done Fran, Larry etc :)
then the rest of the day was rehearsal and performance time at 2 o clock onwards which went really well, can't wait to hear how it all sounds on monday coz friday's performance was really great sounding so monday should be really great and will deffinately show off the music mill - even if it's not a big gig at all - it should still be great so fingers crossed and a good luck to every one :D

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Long catch-up

oops forgot to write in my blog for two weeks now and am really struggling to recall all that's happened over that period of time. I think my best bet is to start again from this week, and carry on from there. Tuesday's rehearsal period was productive, me, Leigh, and Josh had a run-through of Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix - with me helping Leigh to sing it, which i hope from his point of view was helpful :D, then we had a go at one of Pendulum's songs - Propane Nightmares which was really fun :), before we had Matt's lesson which was basically just another kind of assignment to do :( Then Wednesday evening - open evening gig - went really well and everyone played really well. it was great to see that actually quite a few turned up to have a look around and listen to us - well done guys (y).
Now it's just Monday's gig at the Parkers Arms to work towards now :) it's really exciting to be doing so many gigs - no matter how small, and i can't wait till we can do so much better on monday and prove that the music mill has a lot of talent :D - bring it on :D