Thursday, 10 December 2009

Long catch-up

oops forgot to write in my blog for two weeks now and am really struggling to recall all that's happened over that period of time. I think my best bet is to start again from this week, and carry on from there. Tuesday's rehearsal period was productive, me, Leigh, and Josh had a run-through of Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix - with me helping Leigh to sing it, which i hope from his point of view was helpful :D, then we had a go at one of Pendulum's songs - Propane Nightmares which was really fun :), before we had Matt's lesson which was basically just another kind of assignment to do :( Then Wednesday evening - open evening gig - went really well and everyone played really well. it was great to see that actually quite a few turned up to have a look around and listen to us - well done guys (y).
Now it's just Monday's gig at the Parkers Arms to work towards now :) it's really exciting to be doing so many gigs - no matter how small, and i can't wait till we can do so much better on monday and prove that the music mill has a lot of talent :D - bring it on :D

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