Sunday, 29 November 2009

New Week!!!

Ok, so had a really busy week last week, Monday was really productive, because Larry, Karl, Leigh and I managed to come up with a great new song called "City Falls" - which although the lyrics are kin of depressing, the song itself sounds really good, though i think the song needs some kind of harmony rather than just monotonous tune. But that's something that needs working on. Tuesday i was in early again, and helped out with some of the guys recording. I was mainly just standing back and watching - without being paid just to see how it all works and the different roles that each person played when engineering, assisting, and producing. It was actually fascinating, :). Then in the afternoon, looking at the board in the reception area downstairs i noticed some guys had put their names down for recording that afternoon and needed some people to engineer and assist and produce so i sort of thought that if it was ok with the guys then i'd put my name forward and have a go at what i had been learning that morning from everyone else, which was really good, so i've learnt how to be assistant engineer in the course of a day. :)
Then it was our turn on Thursday to record the regae track, so we came in on thursday to record, the morning was helpful for a small rehearsal and learning a new track by Dido, which, with Sinead's voice sounded really, really nice!! Though in the recording session in the afternoon, we had a few problems with the equipment and i think it's probably safe to say i think we all fell out with our producer :( So by the end of the session everyone was really ticked off, but the track itself sounded quite good considering :)
Friday we then travelled to the college to do a gig in the danish cafe' which was really good fun, and a good experience for a lot of people to get up in front of an audience for the first time. I loved getting up in front of an audience and singing, though it would have been better if the mics had had better volume - though that was my opinion at least. Altogether it's been a really busy, yet fun week. :)

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