Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Week!!!!!

Ok, well this week's been interesting... what with the trip to Birmingham etc. The trip to Birmingham was interesting, we had a small meeting for an hour on the journey up about the change of dates for the gig and to explain to everyone that we're opening the Music Mill to late night shoppers on the 8th to come and listen to us performing, and we're having people from the music business coming to listen to us on the 9th of December. To be honest i found the actual stuff at the NEC was disappointing, the stuff being sold was mainly guitar orientated with very little people to talk to and give advice. Personally i felt that it would have been more beneficial for me to stay at the mill and get on with something productive than walking around hoping someone could perhaps give me some meaningful information and who knows what they're talking about.
However, yesterday was more productive because we had a big meeting and came to some really helpful decisions about the gig. We've managed to decide on a ticket price now, how many tickets each performer is allowed to have free, and the performance name i think we came to a few other decisions but i honestly can't recall all of them at the moment :), but we also managed to practice California Dreaming yesterday evening which sounded as though it's coming along well, and to top things off, i managed to get my sister in to listen to it and help by giving me the helpful feedback later on that evening. It wasn't one of our better performances - mine especially but it was helpful all the same.
And among the other things that happened yesterday, a group of us were left over from practicing so got together to start composing a song (of sorts :D) ( Becky, Karl, Leigh, Luke, Simon, and me) the basic chords etc sounded great after a few practices but the writing of lyrics is slow. Personally i've never been good at writing lyrics, so instead i sort of recruited Larry to help both me and Becky come up with something that fits, but it still needs a lot of work - and that's just lyrics :(
Ok, rant over, I'm now going to be more optimistic and stop moaning :D

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