Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What's New??!!

ok, so, yesterday (Monday 16th Novemeber) we had another meeting. Not good news so far. Although we've now officially settled on a title - not too sure on it myself, but i'm not going to cause problems for everyone by complaining about it, we've all got enough to sort out without me causing more problems on title's of the event. On the down side, we still don't have a venue for the event and it's getting really late in the day. The Venue in Torquay has backed out because we still don't have all the details, leaving us with no venue, and still with other organisation problems such as marketing etc. This really needs sorting quickly now because this gig is suppost to take place on the 16th of December and we're really pushing this now. It really doesn't look like the gig is going to take place. If we're not careful we'll be reduced to either no gig or a pub gig which will be a shame considering the hard work we've had to do.
However, on the bright side, rehearsals yesterday went really well. Because there were a few of us left over doing nothing, me, Larry, and Becky got together with Glyn, Alex and Rob and helped them to further one of their starting points (a reggae track) we added some very basic lyrics and it sounds really good, so i'm hoping we can perhaps get the song finished soon so we can record it and maybe use it in the christmas gig - though that's very optimistic :)
Today however, i think a few of us are supposed to be meeting at the mill late morning to rehearse more and gain more ground on the song front :D, so we'll have to see what today has in store.

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