Saturday, 2 April 2011

2nd April 2011

Well... it's been a week since my last post and things are in slow motion still at the moment work-wise. The scrapbooks are coming along and i'm planning on (hopefully) having the 70s finished by the end of next week tops then getting the 80s and 90s finished come the end of easter and then the naughties finished the week after. It'll be a big push but if i can get them all out of the way as soon as possible, it'll leave me free to focus more on my final major project. For this project, i'm looking to do roughly 5 folk-classical pieces such as fields of gold which was recorded for the naughties cover track a few weeks ago (of which can be found on youtube and soundcloud under Charbakes for youtube and Charrabakes for soundcloud). I still need to figure out the other four tracks i wish to perform and start rehearsing so i will be ready for the final performance on the 11th of May (still a rough date and could change but a focus point nonetheless). Well... now for the action!