Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday 29th March 2010

Well.... two days of college left before easter holidays.... I've now managed to finish writing the backing to my song "Broken Child", with the help of Pete. It was fine until putting it all together - it was all out of time, so have had to cut out the vocals completely and put all the backing instruments into a set time and tempo and make it all fit together and sound good rather than the scrambled mess it was before. Having completed this, i am now looking at what i can add to it, what needs changing, followed by focussing on recording my lyrics.
In terms of the showcase, i have a few ideas as to what i can propose, yet am not too sure whether i can pull it off in time. I have a few songs that i can perform, such as: Coming Home (I may/may not be singing lead vocals, that's to be decided today), can possibly do City Falls (that needs to be sorted between all involved in that song, and needs sorting out to make sure that the harmonies work well with everything else - this was one of the problems we had at the christmas gig, the harmonies clashed with the keyboard) I have this song that I'm looking to finish, "Broken Child", which at the moment is looking promising - only am not entirely sure how that's going to work being performed live. Am looking to write more lyric this easter which i can then write backing tracks to straight after easter when we return. Am not entirely sure if these will be pulled off in time so have my fingers crossed.
Am also hoping that once finished off today - or at least fully recorded - whether it's a draft or the entirely finished product - i'm looking to post it on my blog and hopefully get some feedback on it good or bad. This may take a while though, i still have to work out how to upload music on my blog....

Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday 22nd March 2010

Back again blog with more updates.....

Since we've come off timetable i actually feel i've achieved more than when we were on timetable. This week past where we've had time to catch up with any out-standing work has been a real help to me. I managed to come up-to-date with all my work by friday, leaving me with not really much to do. Friday was a real challenge to start with, trying to think up what i could do for my final developed starting point. Both Larry and I had the same problem of only having two starting points to develop at the moment and needing another one. Unfortunately, Coming Home, although is being developed, will take until after easter before it really gets anywhere and Glyn, Rob and Alex have other things to do at the moment. This meant me and larry had to put our heads together and decide what our best option was. We decided to book out rehersal room A and record one of our own creations. Mine being Broken Child and Larry's being Copycat. It took roughly three attempts but both are now uploaded onto the computers and ready to use. This is really helpful because i have so many ideas for the song that i can start to put in place this week and slowely watch it all come together.
By the end of this week, I want to have written some more lyrics that i can then record and work with also. So fingers crossed :) Am in a real creative mood at the moment - just hope it lasts.....

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Three development ideas

ok so i've put one set of lyrics up on here. these are the final two... Coming home - which although me and larry wrote all the lyrics between us - larry and i together wrote the chorus and i wrote both verses - now i know this comment will piss a few people off - such as sub zero - but it's truth therefore i'm using it as one of my developed ideas :) any one with any objections can take them elsewhere.

ok so coming home lyrics....

ch/ 'Mama' i'm coming home,
'Mama' i'm coming home,
I've been away for so long,
But 'Mama' i'm coming home.

v1/ The things i do, the things i see,
Having fun with my family,
Running along the beach in the sun,
I don't remember having so much fun.

(chorus.. with harmony added)

v2/ The places i've been, the people i've seen,
I've been lucky to have followed my dream,
But now i'm back, and that's for sure,
The world will give me so much more.

(chorus with harmonies)

Middle Eight Instrumental (2 cycles)

(chorus with harmonies)

v3/ The things i do, the things i see,
Having fun with my family,
Running along the beach in the sun,
I don't remember having so much fun.

(chorus x2)

And i'm in the process of writing another set of lyrics at the moment so will publish these on my blog as soon as i have finished writing them :)


ok.... i mentioned that i'd written lyrics to a song i am in the process of writing on logic..... well.... these are the lyics :) It's called Broken Child

Broken Child

v1/ Down in the park,
In the lonely hours.
Not a child in sight,
Just a single growing flower.

v2/ And yet in the dark,
A child will weep.
The same little girl,
Who's planting flowers in her sleep.

chorus/ And yet here she stands,
On a cold, dark, lonely night
Alone and broken,
Not the will left to fight.

v3/ The wind in the trees,
Will whistle a tune to her.
The same little tune,
That would send her to sleep.

v4/ The day that he came,
Her life turned around.
She was beaten and kicked,
'til she couldn't hold out no more.

last line/ Not the will left to fight.....

It's only minimal - i haven't done anything much - just standard verse/chorus which is the same tune throughout and still needs work. but there's the basic lyrics :D
This i'm also hoping can be used as one of my three developed ideas.... so any feedback will be apreciated :)

I'm feeling pretty positive at the moment :) i was beginning to give up hope of being able to finish writing a few of my own songs and putting them altogether, making them look like at least like the beginning of songs in progress rather than just thoughts all mish-mashed onto a few pieces of paper.
After handing simon a tape and hoping he could make the sound at least tolerable and be able to transfer it onto a cd for me.... my plans had to be re-shaped due to just how horrendous the outcome of the sound was from the tape. Although the music on the tape was my cover versions of a few songs, and none of my own work, it still made me feel slightly lost on the best way to next go about recording songs due to the problem of not being able to get the necessary people into the college to record in the studio.
However, major turn around in mood. I still haven't quite worked out how i'll manage to record the lyrics into logic yet and put them with my backing track... hopefully it works well and fits together (fingers crossed).... yet i have managed to at least write a bars - mainly scrambled atm - but they should hopefully fit with the lyrics i've written for it. I think the next week will be dedicated to finding a way of recording the lyrics into logic and making everything fit, since simon's away and i'm practically up to date with all work... yay!!!
Am still trying to find a way of recording cover songs onto a cd as well as though and can't seem to find any solution to that problem. The problem being i can't get the necessary people into the mill at any time to record, and i can't use anyone at the mill as substitutes becasue none can read written music other than myself and i can't perform all parts. If anyone has any solutions i'd be grateful :)

Friday, 5 March 2010

Thursday 18th March 2010

ok... so... five weeks since my last post. A lot has happened within that time. I'm not sure what's happening for the April gig, that seems to have gone slightly out the window there are very few practices going on for that and it hasn't been mentioned in a little while so am not too sure what the verdict is. Looking back to the first gig in February, it didn't actually go too badly. I was only needed for one song - the first one which was the cover of supermassive black hole by muse. Out of all the times that this song has been sung by the few of us at the mill, this has to have been one of the bad versions we've done. I personally didn't like the fact that i could only hear my vocals over larry's, and even then i couldn't hear much at all. though that's my opinion. For most of the rest of the envening i spent listening to the other songs the band's performed. Altogether my opinion of the gig... well it wasn't the best everybody did. I spoke to a few people afterwards and pretty much everybody said the same thing... you couldn't hear the vocals over all the other instruments which to be honest just backed up my thoughts during the evening.