Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday 22nd March 2010

Back again blog with more updates.....

Since we've come off timetable i actually feel i've achieved more than when we were on timetable. This week past where we've had time to catch up with any out-standing work has been a real help to me. I managed to come up-to-date with all my work by friday, leaving me with not really much to do. Friday was a real challenge to start with, trying to think up what i could do for my final developed starting point. Both Larry and I had the same problem of only having two starting points to develop at the moment and needing another one. Unfortunately, Coming Home, although is being developed, will take until after easter before it really gets anywhere and Glyn, Rob and Alex have other things to do at the moment. This meant me and larry had to put our heads together and decide what our best option was. We decided to book out rehersal room A and record one of our own creations. Mine being Broken Child and Larry's being Copycat. It took roughly three attempts but both are now uploaded onto the computers and ready to use. This is really helpful because i have so many ideas for the song that i can start to put in place this week and slowely watch it all come together.
By the end of this week, I want to have written some more lyrics that i can then record and work with also. So fingers crossed :) Am in a real creative mood at the moment - just hope it lasts.....

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