Thursday, 18 March 2010


ok.... i mentioned that i'd written lyrics to a song i am in the process of writing on logic..... well.... these are the lyics :) It's called Broken Child

Broken Child

v1/ Down in the park,
In the lonely hours.
Not a child in sight,
Just a single growing flower.

v2/ And yet in the dark,
A child will weep.
The same little girl,
Who's planting flowers in her sleep.

chorus/ And yet here she stands,
On a cold, dark, lonely night
Alone and broken,
Not the will left to fight.

v3/ The wind in the trees,
Will whistle a tune to her.
The same little tune,
That would send her to sleep.

v4/ The day that he came,
Her life turned around.
She was beaten and kicked,
'til she couldn't hold out no more.

last line/ Not the will left to fight.....

It's only minimal - i haven't done anything much - just standard verse/chorus which is the same tune throughout and still needs work. but there's the basic lyrics :D
This i'm also hoping can be used as one of my three developed ideas.... so any feedback will be apreciated :)

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  1. keep up the good work char looking good on the lyrics front