Thursday, 18 March 2010

I'm feeling pretty positive at the moment :) i was beginning to give up hope of being able to finish writing a few of my own songs and putting them altogether, making them look like at least like the beginning of songs in progress rather than just thoughts all mish-mashed onto a few pieces of paper.
After handing simon a tape and hoping he could make the sound at least tolerable and be able to transfer it onto a cd for me.... my plans had to be re-shaped due to just how horrendous the outcome of the sound was from the tape. Although the music on the tape was my cover versions of a few songs, and none of my own work, it still made me feel slightly lost on the best way to next go about recording songs due to the problem of not being able to get the necessary people into the college to record in the studio.
However, major turn around in mood. I still haven't quite worked out how i'll manage to record the lyrics into logic yet and put them with my backing track... hopefully it works well and fits together (fingers crossed).... yet i have managed to at least write a bars - mainly scrambled atm - but they should hopefully fit with the lyrics i've written for it. I think the next week will be dedicated to finding a way of recording the lyrics into logic and making everything fit, since simon's away and i'm practically up to date with all work... yay!!!
Am still trying to find a way of recording cover songs onto a cd as well as though and can't seem to find any solution to that problem. The problem being i can't get the necessary people into the mill at any time to record, and i can't use anyone at the mill as substitutes becasue none can read written music other than myself and i can't perform all parts. If anyone has any solutions i'd be grateful :)

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