Thursday, 28 January 2010

another week

well, last week was interesting...
catching up on some of my long list of assignments that i've had since i was snowed in a few weeks back. Still not up-to-date though which is really depressing.
However this week has been slightly more eventful...
this week i've been asked to sing Super-massive black hole, possibly Venus, and possibly doing backing/duet on another song - the name elludes me at the moment - on the 7th of feb at the blue cargo, which will be interesting. However, i'm still struggling to get back up-to-date with my assignments which is really really worrying me, i'm half-way there but i need to sit and do these caompositions for simon - which i'm really struggling to get done alongside other assignments, and i also need to rehearse for this gig which i taking place in less than two weeks.
I think tomorrow will have to be sitting down and concentrating wholly on simon's assignment - these compositions and then next week dedicated to rehearsing with the groups to get these songs into shape - this is going to be a bloody tight one - but we'll make it through :) eventually

Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday 18th - Back to Normal

Another Monday morning at college.... backtracking the previous week.
well last monday was no college for me due to the snow and ice blocking me at home, however in on tuesday which was interesting - there was hardly anyone in so there was little we could do rehearsal wise - and Matt's lesson was a big catch-up for me getting back on top of my essays.
Friday wasn't much better from my perspective - we started off with having to do a talk about ourselves about our ambitions, initial thoughts when we walked into college, what we want to do later on with music etc, and then we were set another assignment about different styles of music where we have to write four different styles on logic and write an essay to back it up.
Hopefully this week will be slightly more interesting.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A New Start

monday 4th of January... back to college, start off was an assignment - evaluating the christmas gig. Followed by another sorta brief assignment/theory about 4 different sequences, and going through the list of 10 songs that everybody needs to learn - some people - like me - need to learn all of it while others only need to learn some of it and the remainder need to learn more than just one part of each song. Which in my case is really difficult to learn all the songs from scratch because i've only heard of three of them.
The remainder of last week was unfortunately missed from college, due to illness on tuesday and the terrible turn of the weather for the remainder of the week and for next week. There is no way, due to weather conditions, that i will be able to get to college next week either :( which is really irritating me because it means that i'm seriously falling behind with everything unless there is a miracle tonight and weather conditions suddenly change - warm up etc then i'm stuck at home :( so next post will have to be when i return to college...
sorry guys,