Sunday, 10 January 2010

A New Start

monday 4th of January... back to college, start off was an assignment - evaluating the christmas gig. Followed by another sorta brief assignment/theory about 4 different sequences, and going through the list of 10 songs that everybody needs to learn - some people - like me - need to learn all of it while others only need to learn some of it and the remainder need to learn more than just one part of each song. Which in my case is really difficult to learn all the songs from scratch because i've only heard of three of them.
The remainder of last week was unfortunately missed from college, due to illness on tuesday and the terrible turn of the weather for the remainder of the week and for next week. There is no way, due to weather conditions, that i will be able to get to college next week either :( which is really irritating me because it means that i'm seriously falling behind with everything unless there is a miracle tonight and weather conditions suddenly change - warm up etc then i'm stuck at home :( so next post will have to be when i return to college...
sorry guys,

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