Thursday, 28 January 2010

another week

well, last week was interesting...
catching up on some of my long list of assignments that i've had since i was snowed in a few weeks back. Still not up-to-date though which is really depressing.
However this week has been slightly more eventful...
this week i've been asked to sing Super-massive black hole, possibly Venus, and possibly doing backing/duet on another song - the name elludes me at the moment - on the 7th of feb at the blue cargo, which will be interesting. However, i'm still struggling to get back up-to-date with my assignments which is really really worrying me, i'm half-way there but i need to sit and do these caompositions for simon - which i'm really struggling to get done alongside other assignments, and i also need to rehearse for this gig which i taking place in less than two weeks.
I think tomorrow will have to be sitting down and concentrating wholly on simon's assignment - these compositions and then next week dedicated to rehearsing with the groups to get these songs into shape - this is going to be a bloody tight one - but we'll make it through :) eventually

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