Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Getting ready for the next gig in April

last week was busy for most people preparing for the gig on sunday 7th the two bands had to perform for at least 45 minutes each, using the remaining people to help featuring them as "guests". It wasn't so busy for me and a few others who weren't doing much for the gig - in my case only one song. However, gave me time to start on some of my assignments instead, so came as a plus to some extent.
This week, however, will be hopefully more satisfying work-wise and will keep me busy. I'm beginning to put together some material with a few others for this next gig in April which will be better from my perspective. It will be nice to get back in front of the mic again properly and regain some confidence lost. As for assignments, I'm slightly worried about this assignment Simon's set, but also am quite excited to try something new other than just making music in different styles it will be interesting to see how to put together something for a video and fun i think.
To be honest, i wasn't too happy with last weeks gig. Personally, i realised just how much confidence i have lost since last being in front of the mic. Plus there was a lot of things that really pissed me off - sorry guys but i'm going to bitch slightly :( - i thought it was everyone's responsibilty to sort out their designated tasks - such as photos, websites, marketing etc. I got really ticked off with the way people were blaming other people for not doing a job that wasn't their responsibility. For example - it wasn't up to me and Larry to sort out the marketing - yet we were moaned at because it wasn't done. It should have been up to everybody to sort out their own tasks.
sorry guys - had to be done - no hard feelings.

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  1. There was a big meeting about who was doing what and Simon wrote it all on the board at the time, Fran was in charge of internet marketing, I beleive it was yourself and Larry to organise photos and becky and the other new girl (sorry cant rem name) to sort out the posters. Jack and Steve were sound engineers ans stage management and myself and A.J were musical Directors. If you dont Believe me then ask Simon!