Tuesday, 22 December 2009

last days of term

ok, so monday was preparation for the gig in the evening - we rehearsed all the songs we were going to be performing and had quite a few fallings out between people - most people being stressed out - but we had a good run through before the evening performance. The performance on monday evening went really well - everybody got into it and had a great time along with playing a really good performance - not to mention we had a good croud :) considering all the problems we had and late notices we had a good audience and good performance well done guys :)
Tuesday, not many people turned up at college - there was only a handful of us so rehearsals were pretty sketchy will little we could all do together and come up with, and then matt's lesson that afternoon seemed pretty empty - but the assignment was fun - with all of becky and larry's animations and dirty minds :D there was also another small gig in totnes that evening which was a disaster but interesting - not everybody turned up who was meant to turn up - so there was an odd group of us having to persevere on the stage and have a go at whatever we could and just make a mash of it all - however from the audience's point of view it wasn't particularly a good performance - it would have been a lot better had there been better and more committment from the guys who were supost to turn up!!!
then on friday, we all gathered together - every body was in so it made it all slightly easier - and talked about tuesday's performance and how crap it was, and the overall decision was to pick at least 5 songs that everybody can learn and be able to play no matter who turned up/didn't turn up to a gig - so we can persevere and be able to give a good performance no matter the people we have available.
Let's just hope that next term/year we will be able to do a better job..... :)

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