Saturday, 12 December 2009

Friday!!!! Started off in the Studio recording a couple of Fran's tracks - i was assistant engineer/engineer - not sure which, Becky was the other, though i was doing most of the work, but Fran's tracks sound really good, and i love Lander's lyrics - they're really dirty but brilliant lol and while he was recording, Fran, Fran's friend Jenna, Becky and i came up with the idea of adding harmonies which, when Jenna and i recorded the harmonies it lifted the music and sounded really fab - so can't wait for Fran to put it all together it will sound really really great - well done Fran, Larry etc :)
then the rest of the day was rehearsal and performance time at 2 o clock onwards which went really well, can't wait to hear how it all sounds on monday coz friday's performance was really great sounding so monday should be really great and will deffinately show off the music mill - even if it's not a big gig at all - it should still be great so fingers crossed and a good luck to every one :D

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