Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tuesday 3rd November

Last week we were all assigned with the task of composing five starting points to start off our composition work. We had to have at least one starting point with us actually playing something and then for the others we could use loops on logic or any other composition stuff we could come up with. Then on Monday when we got back to the Mill, we transferred the compositions over to an audio c.d. Most people however hadn't even started their five starting points so the whole day was just wasted on getting everybody up-to-date on their tasks which was just a waste of a day where everyone could have been practicing their cover songs and using the time constructively. Everyone was at different points in their composition starting points because some had completed theirs, others (me included) just needed to place their points on an audio c.d and write up their ideas sheet, and the remainder just hadn't started. This not only wasted the beginning of the day, but of course some of us are going to Birmingham on Friday so rehearsals on Friday will be limited by some people not being there for practice. Also, the P.A's arrived at long last for all the rooms which is a bonus. The sound in each room is now phenomenal, it sounds great though.
However, yesterday afternoon we managed to practice super-massive black hole and California Dreaming which was really helpful especially for me because it gave me a better chance to work out vocal range on California Dreaming so i can do more practice for next rehearsal. Today we managed to practice supermassive black hole again and record it which sounded really good live but sounded only ok when recorded. Larry needs to work on his dynamics with the microphone so he doesn't drown me out and i need to work on making my voice heard better down the mic. The whole song sounds really good but it needs to better than best if we are going to pull it off, which will take a lot more work.
On Friday Rob and Glyn will work on California Dreaming instrumentals so we are slightly up-to-date but we won't do a full go-through until next week so it means extra work but it will sound really good once we manage to pull it off and we should be up to the same stage as supermassive black hole soon and only need to perfect it to better than our best.

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