Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday 25th October

On Friday last week, I went into the mill along with a few other people such as Glyn, Rob, Leigh, AJ and a few others. I managed to work out a few loops on logic, which need a lot of work and i managed to speak to Simon about the compositions, and he offered that both he and Digby help me to compose a song that will really show my voice to its full potential, so some progress has been made, yet the lessons for guitars, singing, keyboards, bass and drums still haven't been sorted, which is really infuriating because for those of us that are only vocalists we have no instruments to help us to compose. These lessons were supposed to be set up at least four weeks ago which is really infuriating, plus some equipment still hasn't turned up either. Some one really needs to sort it all out and get it up and running. However, on friday, listening to Glyn, and Rob, they,ve managed to get the instrumental in Supermassive Black Hole right, which is really going to sound fab when we put it all together to practice it through again.

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