Friday, 13 November 2009

End of week!!!

ok, so i,ve spoken about Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, so i won't repeat those days, however, being the end of the week, i thought i'd better do a single post for Today before my mangled brain forgets what's taken place :D.
Well... first lesson (Music Theory and Composition, with Simon) interesting... on my part i won't beat about the bush, i'm really confused at Simon's teaching of the theory work. That's my problem more than his i admit, but i'm still trying to confuzzle my brain around working out what the hell the modes are all about :s sorry Simon - my brain isn't in top form today :(
Then even more confuddling than that was the next lesson filling in those booklets and talking about DAWs etc when i could hardly take in any simple sentences the last thing i could deal with at the time was what was being said, but determination won out and with Issy and Leigh's help, i managed to get the information i needed :) - Thanks guys.
well, ok, we practiced Supermassive Black Hole, and California Dreaming.
Supermassive Black Hole is so very nearly there but the first time we perform it it isn't our best but then again each time we perform it, it goes back a step each time until, every one gets so irritated by all the stupid mistakes that it just doesn't work, more practice needed guys - whether that be timing using a C.D or just sitting somewhere quiet-ish with one of the other performers in the band and going through any timing issues, tuning issues etc, but we really need to nail this song - it sounds really, really good, but not the best yet, come on, we can do much better :D
California Dreaming... ok, i won't lie, it's still in need of quite a lot more work on touch up jobs and the remainder of the tune needs figuring out, which i know is Rob's job for the keyboard and i know he will really practice hard along with all his other songs and he's done a brilliant job so far, i'm not knocking that, it just needs a bit more work needed and a few more touch up jobs and we'll very soon be up to the same level as Supermassive Black Hole. :D Hooray :)
While i'm on a ramble, i managed to get another song to boost my time on Tuesday - helping with the keyboard bits on Bad Touch, however today i came to the conclusion of after practicing both Wednesday and Thursday, my fingers and brain just weren't going to co-operate well enough together as well as with trying to find time to worry about the other songs that are in desperate need of practicing, and are really beginning to worry me as to how little time we've got left and how much still needs doing. So i handed the job over to a less stressed and more nimble-fingered Issy :).
Ok, in respect to these other songs.... well..... Ok, so i'll come straight, trying hard not to hurt anybody's feelings etc with my post - i really am not trying to do that by the way, but we really need to practice Big Yellow Taxi again, to tidy it up, because it's been months since we have practiced this song and we've only practiced it once :( not good, Time Warp we will be focussing on next week so that one will have to wait before i can update the progress on that one, and last but by no means least, Jason's Composition. This one is worrying me most of all because we've gone through it once and even then that was by literally bringing me down to the studio and chucking me in at the deep end to record some kind of humming noise on top lol. But it's getting to become a problem. I know every one is busy rehearsing their songs etc, but each time i've bought it up, i feel as though i'm going around in circles and i'm not getting a straight answer, which is really annoying and each time i go to find anybody to rehearse, either they've gone home or we haven't got the right people, and what's really irritating is that when they do have the right people and time no one comes to find me to tell me that they've got both people and time to practice, which is just taking us round in circles - maybe i've got it wrong but, this lack of rehearsals etc is really beginning to tick me off, because of lack of communication between everybody. The main problem being that because we're in separate groups none of us know when we've got rehearsal time. It would just be really helpful if i can get answers without trying to feel my way through the dark and go around in circles and if everyone can communicate properly with each other.
Ok, i've rambled enough now, i think i'll stop moaning and go to bed now :D
night, night :)

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