Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday 26th April 2010

Well, been back at college for a week now, though in my case one day due to illness. We were supposed to have done a presentation on what we plan on doing for our showcase in May, though that kind of went to pot so to speak. Not too sure whether there's going be a showcase anymore, due to the fact that hardly anybody has started writing their plans out. To be honest, nobody really understood what we had to write about, what needed adding and what all the diagrams etc were about, however, it's seriously disappointing that we may not be able to perform, though i can't see us lot doing any better than we usually do. (no offence to anyone, but so far we really haven't been any good).
This aside, we have a new assignment set, which is to produce a single. This is really going to be a challenge for me, so far i only have roughly 4-5 songs and that's pushing it. I really need now to create more songs.
For one of my songs so far - Broken Child - i've decided that the backing vocals don't sound right at all, so i'm having to go back a step to recreate a male backing vocal that will be up-to standard for the song so fingers crossed. I have a lot to complete in the next few weeks.
As for Matt's assignments well...... that'll have to wait till tomorrow when i find out just how many assignments i have to do. : /

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