Wednesday, 27 October 2010

wednesday 27th October 2010

Well, 50s out of the way, over and done with, with no going back and changing it, we move on to the 60s. Last week's live lounge recordings for the college radio, Newton Abbot radio and Coombeshead College radio was a total shambles. Listening back to - at least my - vocals made me cringe. I thought i sounded awful. However, this time for the 60s I aim to make a much better job of it. Hopefully by then the Tech guys will have learnt what they are doing and can make a much better job of doing their jobs too, making our lives (the performers) easier with the ability to succeed in sight.
All the performer groups have chosen their cover songs to perform. My group have chosen to perform the covers; Wild Thing (poss) by The Troggs,
These boots are made for walking by Nancy Sinatra;
and I'm a believer by The Monkees;
We've done really well in the practice we had this afternoon, we've managed to work out the whole of "i'm a believer" and "these boots are made for walking" on all the basic instruments (bass, guitar, vocals and drums) there's just a few other instruments needed adding to the "these boots are made for walking" such as a keyboard with the saxophone on (or some other jazy instrument) and some sort of percussion on both "i'm a believer" and "these boots are made for walking".
Tim's already working on an original 60s song for us to perform so when we return after half term we only really need to practice all of them over the corse of the three weeks remaining and then perform them live. Hopefully make a better job of it all this time..... :)

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