Thursday, 28 October 2010

songs i have been involved in writing!

These are the songs i have been involved in writing so far from last year!

The songs include;

Coming Home - written by a group of us at the mill (myself, Glyn Read, Alex Fisher, Lawrence Landers-Cooke, Rob Munro, Simon Gregg and a team of others throwing in ideas as we went along. The song is performed by the band Sub Zero with myself, Glyn Read, Richard Digby-Smith and Sophie Williamson on the backing vocals.)

The Lander ft. LanderQuin - Written by FranetiC and the LanderQuin, I only helped with the engineering and the backing vocals on the track.

Broken Child - Written, produced and engineered by myself with the help of Christopher Raymont on the backing vocals and as assistant engineer.

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