Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday 8th October 2010 - 50s Style Music......

Well..... first blog entry since returning to college. We've been looking at the 1950s style of music for the past few weeks. We have learnt 2 covers and created one original piece. The group I was a part of learnt Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly and King Creole by Elvis.
We only have one recording of our practices, which was today's practice because the Live room we practiced in doesn't have a recording device. However, this afternoon we performed our practiced songs live on the radio. The link will go through the college radio, Newton Abbot radio and Coombeshead College (not sure the spelling's correct, sorry). The recording of the tracks was not particularly good i'm sorry to say.
I think one of the problems was that the Tech guys hadn't set up properly, they were fiddling with the headphones and faders etc during the recordings, which was off-putting and made it a pain for us recording and also the producer wasn't talking to anyone - nobody knew what they were doing or anything. I don't think i'm the only one to find this really annoying, another thing i've noticed is that they don't talk to anyone in the studio so we have no idea what's going on most of the time.
However, rant over, other than technical difficulties, listening back to the tracks, there are some good parts that make the music sound along the right tracks. There are the parts that sound musically terrible at times but altogether, considering the problems we were working with, it all sounded not too bad.
Hopefully the next period we look at - the 60s - will be a much better live room experience for all.....

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