Sunday, 6 March 2011

Monday 7th March 2011

Well... a lot has been happening since my last post on the 2nd of February. College work has kept me busy what with all the rehearsing of covers for the decades, getting my presentation sorted for my Special Subject Investigation and trying to keep on top of work. The presentation and rehearsing is all up-to-date and coming along very well now, all is going so quickly is almost unbelievable and too fast to catch. Shall have my presentation finished and down tomorrow and out of the way, handed in, so i can move onto the next project which will be good and the decades work is coming along really well. The 70s-80s covers are all down and done other than the original, which to be honest i've only half finished due to so much else happening at once for me to have time to sit down and chuck it out and record. That's half-way there and in the diary to hopefully be complete by the end of this week, if the week goes according to plan for me. The 90s-naughties covers are down now too, they went so quickly and sound the best out of the ones i've been a part of so far. I'm really beginning to get a taste for doing all these covers now, i'm starting to choose songs that are different and ask around for people to help me to cover them so i can add them to my reportiore of songs. At the moment i've just completed Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy (original by Sting), which i've attached a link to my youtube channel where you'll find it and i've just asked Glyn if he will possibly help me to cover Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls (which i was asked if i'd sing for a wedding) so fingers crossed that will all work out. The only downside to things for me at the moment is the scrapbooks and essays. I'm way behind on those and i'm really struggling to catch-up due to the amount of time i'm having left over from all the outside work i'm putting into my music at the moment.

Last month on the 20th February i did a concert, playing four songs ('To the Sky' - a folk piece, 'Homeward Bound' - another folk piece, 'Amore' e Morte' - an opera piece, and 'Favourite Things' - a piece from the Sound of Music) I recorded the opera piece and have posted it on youtube (a link of which i have attached) This I am hoping will add to my overall mark at the end of the course being submitted as a solo perfromance.

Also, I went to a Gilbert and Sullivan opera in Plymouth on Saturday the 5th of this month and saw the Pirates of Penzance it was a really enjoyable, light opera and in parts quite amusing. I remember thinking to myself that i'd really love to be one of the many people up there on that stage performing and having fun with the obvious joy that was not only on my face while watching them and loving every minute of it, but was on their face throughout the whole performance. I spoke to the people in charge there afterwards and gave them my details and they said that I was just what they were looking for (due to the connection they have with my singing tutor and due to my age) they promised to get in touch. So hopefully will be quite busy over the coming few months.

I think now i've pretty much updated you on everything that's taken place and up and coming so shall have to wait and see what happens next...

The link i promised to give you is: (this will give you both of my covers so you have a taste of what i've been up to over the past month. Enjoy!

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