Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday 25th March 2011

Well, things are beginning to go really quickly now that the course is reaching it's final projects. Work is getting crazy! My scrapbooks and essays are being a NIGHTMARE. Still on the 70s and although i'm spending as much spare time as i can on completing them, they are taking me ages and i dont feel like i'm getting anywhere with them. I'm hoping that i can pump them out as soon as possible and get them in so i can have far more time to plan my final major project which we've started talking about this week. The plan is that the two bands will be performing their pieces as Title and Registration and Fire for Effect and then Jez will be working with James and some other first years to make her metal music, Christina will be working with Simon, Dan, Toby and Digby to create her overall music style and then I need to do some work into sorting the type of music genre i want to go for, pick some covers and make some originals to do and then work with Digby, Simon and any one else who can help to create my overall performance sound. This then all ties in with the project work that Matt has given us which involves all the marketing for it etc which will be intersting. This weekend will be very busy organising my ideas and putting it all into a plan sheet of what needs doing, when and who i shall need.

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