Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday 9th November 2010

Hi Guys!

Last week a group of us (Glyn, Saara, Jez, Mike and myself) started working on a new song called this one. Hopefully will be able to use it for compositional work amongst other work we've done. Personally I'm finding the written work gets in the way of everything and takes all my time when i'd prefer to do more practical work and more theory, but it's slowly getting done. The 60s tracks that we're doing - i'm a bit confused with atm. I was off ill on friday the 5th and Tim was off last friday so we couldn't practice the two covers songs and christina came up with a composition in the style of the 60s, which sounds really good. My main worry and concern is that i'm only needed on one song i don't know what i'm doing for the other two and we're playing live next friday. Not sure when we're going to get time to go through it all and decide before next week.

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